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Downloads – Report or Request

Hello all,

The new ‘Downloads’ feature on the Insomniacs website, has gone down really well, with both Insomniacs Build Users, aswel as general website visitors. Sometimes, there can be issues with a particular App or Apk, it may discontinue, or need updating. – If you find any issues with any of the downloads, please let us know, by filling in the form below. Users can also fill in the form below, to request a ‘Download’ be added.

Users can safely ‘Download’ and Install all the best, and latest Apks directly to your Firestick, Android device, Smart TV, and other devices. All Apps/Apks are scanned, and tested prior to being added to the Downloads section. – At the moment, we have turned off the need for Users to Log-In, when downloading Apps/Apks. – If this gets abused, then we will have no option, but to turn on the need to Log-In to dwnload the Apps/Apks. – If Users can leave some feedback on downloads when you have tried them at the bottom of the download post, that would be great.


Contact Us: Report/Request a download.

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Request an App/Apk to be added to the ‘Downloads’ section of the website:

Is there a particular App or Apk that you would like to see added to the Insomniacs ‘Downloads’ section? Please choose the ‘Request a Download’ option on the form below, and we will do our best, to get them added for you.

Report a broken Download Link, or broken App/Apk, which no longer works:

Is there a download, or App/Apk on the Insomniacs website, what needs to be fixed, or is no longer working? Then please click on the ‘Report an Issue’ option on the drop down menu below. And we will get it fixed, or replaced as soon as we can for you.

[contact-form-7 id=”18426″ title=”Downloads – Report”]